Seeking Personalized Protocol for Seasonal Viral Infections such as COVID and INFLUENZA?

We are following the FLCCC protocols and similar proactive approaches using safe medication and supplements.

Meet Dr. Saleeby

Dr. Saleeby is a 1991 graduate with a medical degree from the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta Georgia. Upon completion of post-graduate training at East Carolina University School of Medicine in Greenville, North Carolina, he had a two decade career in Emergency Medicine. In addition he pursued training in functional and age-management medicine. Currently, he practices holistic integrative and functional medicine in South & North Carolina at Priority Health of the Carolinas.

dr. Saleeby

Personalized Protocol for Seasonal Viral Infections such as COVID and INFLUENZA


We are following the FLCCC protocols and similar proactive approaches using safe medication and supplements.

  • We do offer prescriptions for Ivermectin oral capsules compounded when appropriate. 
  • Prescriptions for budesonide and other corticosteroids.  Prescriptions when indicated for Azithromycin.  
  • Advanced safe and effective nutraceutical (supplement) bundles. 
  • As an integrative and functional medicine center, our philosophy is holistic.  
  • Access to discounted pharmaceutical-grade supplements is complimentary when you email us for an appointment.


We ask that you not email or call our regular office listings. We have set up a special email at covid.chm@gmail.com
to manage all inquiries for IVM, NTZ, HCQ and others listed on the FLCCC protocol pages.  Please do not call us for IVM/ FLCCC Protocols [if you do call you will be referred to this special email address and website].  Please follow the steps below to fill out the INTAKE and WAIVERS, they are a must for the 2nd step, when one of our staff will either email you back or call you to ”triage” you to determine your place in line.  Make sure when you email us you include NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER, State in which you reside, local pharmacy, and REASON FOR THE CONSULTATION.

Please know we must address the acutely ill first, exposed second and those seeking prevention third.  We have limited staff/providers and are doing our very best to accommodate the large number of inquiries.  Please realize we have limited hours and are typically closed Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.


Purchase products through our Fullscript virtual dispensary.
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Optionally, use the IntakeForm QR Code

Start by Filling Out These Forms First!

Get a head start by filling out these online forms that are required for the release of any prescriptions and a session with our advanced providers.

1- Intake Form

Please remember to “save” your information along the way so you do not lose any data on the intake form.

2- Required Waivers

Both forms must be signed and returned before you are able to schedule an appointment with a Provider and for us to release any prescriptions.

3- Group Sessions

Please sign this form if you intend on attending any of our COVID Group sessions.

4- Educational Material

Register for free and we will send you a complimentary recommendation with supporting educational material and information on COVID supplements.


Experience a Natural Approach to Your Whole Health

Dr. Saleeby and the other clinicians at Carolina Holistic Medicine follow a focused paradigm of preventive and restorative medicine. Founded in science and evidence based medicine from international sources. We are focused on providing healthcare services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction & we will do everything we can to meet & exceed your expectations.

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